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Running Track: WSS Promo Codes and How Many Miles is 400 Meters?

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If you live somewhere with a running track nearby, you may have been curious to try it out. Whether you are just getting started running or a seasoned veteran there can be many benefits to doing at least some of your training on a running track. As always proper footwear is of the utmost importance which is why we have some exclusive WSS promo codes so that you can perform your best while keeping your ankles and knees in good shape.

WSS Promo Codes

Your shoes are by far the most important piece of running gear you will own. While they are definitely something you want to look at as an investment, it doesn’t mean you can’t look for a bargain. WSS has an excellent selection of brands and different models of shoes, you will definitely be able to find a pair of high quality shoes there. Plus their promo codes mean that you can get top quality while paying less. Keep in mind that you may want a different type of shoe for running track than you would for running on the street or trails. Yes, specialty track shoes do have spikes on them but wearing cross country spikes is a good way to get banned from the track for life. Simply put, a track is one of the nicest surfaces you can run on. It’s flat and shock-absorbing, but you’ll still want a good pair of shoes. You don’t need to go as far as specialty track shoes unless you are planning on getting very serious about your track running, a good pair or shoes meant for road running would do nicely.

how many miles is 400 meters?

So How Many Miles is 400 Meters?

If you’re used to measuring your workouts in terms of miles, you may be wondering what the equivalent on the track is. Any standard sized running track is 400 meters as measured by the inside lane, which is equal to about a quarter mile (1/4 mile). So to run one mile, you will need to complete 4 laps around the track. If you stick to the outside lane it’s a little bit of a farther distance as the outside lane is equal to just over 454 meters or about 0.28 miles. So if you ran the 4 laps entirely in the outside lane, you’d be running about 1.12 miles. It’s very likely that you will be running in the outside lanes as most tracks reserve the inside lanes. If the track is at a school, it’s likely that only students who are members of the track team will be able to use the inside lanes. It’s not a huge difference in terms of distance, so if you’re looking to run a mile stick with the 4 lap rule.

Running Track Etiquette

If you do decide to start running on a track, make sure to carefully read any rules that may be posted at the facility first. As I mentioned above, some lanes may not be open for public use or may need to be reserved ahead of time. Currently with the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, many tracks are closed to the public entirely even if they are outdoors. Run in a counter-clockwise direction so that you are going the same direction as everyone else. Then it’s kind of like the rules of the road, stick to the outside for the most part and use the inside lanes for passing. It’s also best to leave the headphones at home for track running, as you won’t be able to hear anybody and could cause a collision by accident. If somebody is coming up behind you and wants to pass they will typically call out something like ‘on your left’ or ‘lane 3’ indicating that you should move aside or at least be aware that they are coming up beside you. If you really need good tunes to get into running, it’s probably best to stick to trails or quiet roads.