We strongly believe that everyone can benefit from participating in running or walking in a group. The camaraderie and support is amazing; and many of us have made friends that will last a lifetime.  Whether you are new to running or an experienced veteran (runner or walker), we would love for you to join us.
Pro Bike + Run currently has 4 USA Track & Field Certified Coaches on staff; 2 Certified Personal Trainers; 1 RRCA Certified coach and 2 mentors who are RRCA Certified as well. Collectively, our coaches have over 50 years of expertise on the high school, collegiate and adult coaching level and have coached 1000's of runners to personal best times, or simply offered them the encouragement they needed to begin.

Pictured at left: 
  • Sue Albert, Monroeville Store Manager
  • Matt Imhof, Director of Training Programs
  • Justin DiIanni, Robinson Store Manager and Shoe Buyer
Additionally, we have over 20 mentors who serve as store ambassadors on group runs and lead our pace groups. They are an invaluable resource for our runners and we take great pride in their support and dedication to the running community of Pittsburgh.

Pictured: Mentors from our 2016 Fall Distance Training Program, sponsored by Brooks Running.

Pro Bike + Run offers free and open group runs/walks 3 days a week between both our locations.
CLICK HERE for a brief article on how to figure out your ideal training paces so that when you arrive at one of our runs, you are all set to go.

Throughout the year, Pro Bike + Run offers a variety of training programs for runners and walkers of all abilities who want to reach their personal best.
  • Full & half marathon training programs every winter/spring for the Pittsburgh Marathon
    • 19 weeks of training to help you achieve your perfect race.
    • Coaches and mentors are there for you every step of the way.
  • Begin to Win 5k / 10k training program
    • Our program for new runners or those getting back to running.  
    • Your coaches will be there for you every step of the way and help you achieve your running goals.
    • Program runs 3 times each year.  Winter, Spring and Summer
  • Fall Distance training program for 5k through half marathon
    • Similar to our marathon program but on a smaller scale.
  • Private Coaching
    • The certified coaches at Pro Bike + Run offer personalized coaching services in addition to our other programs.  
    • They will sit down with you and develop a fully customized plan tailored to your specific running or racing goals. 
    • For information on these services, please contact Matt Imhof, Director of Training Programs and we will be in touch with you to set up an appointment.

We believe that there is a proper pace for every runner.   Whether racing, easy or workout day we believe that finding that pace is essential for training success.

Our coaches utilize the Jack Daniels VDOT pacing tables, mentioned in the above article, to help guide our runners.  These tables were developed to assist runners & walkers of all abilities in helping them find their proper training paces for all types of workouts.  
  • Easy Pace
  • Tempo/threshold runs
  • Interval Runs
  • Repetition workouts
CLICK HERE to access the pace tables and find out your ideal pace for every workout.

Our training group has a very active Facebook Training page were we talk about our favorite hobby, passion, obsession (for some) - RUNNING!  And walking also.  From motivation and support to training tips and races ideas, we are all there for each other and have become a second family.  

CLICK HERE if you would like to join the conversation. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Matt Imhof or Justin DiIanni at our Robinson location (412)490-0881, or Suzy Albert at our Monroeville location (412)457-0474. They are all USA Track & Field Certified coaches and would be happy to assist you.
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